Big Fella Week 3 Playoff Predictions

Ladies and Mentlegen, welcome to another Big Fella blog! Boy am I excited as ever, RD2L is getting more and more fun every year. This week we’ve got upsets upon upsets being predicted, and I am VERY excited to get into it. BUT FIRST, let’s get into how the actual matches went.

Predicted: 2–1 Trav2s, Actual: 2–0 Near

Predicted: 2–1 Savra, Actual: 2–0 Savra

Predicted: 2–0 Runandjump, Actual: 2–0 Skater_x7

Predicted: 2–1 Vynil, Actual: 2–0 Blackout

Predicted: 2–1 Aeos, Actual: 2–1 Ultra

Predicted: 2–0 Maestro, Actual: 2–0 BraeBrae

Predicted: 2–1 Mikel, Actual: 2–0 Guardian

Predicted: 2–0 David, Actual: 2–0 David

Predicted: 2–0 Empyrean, Actual: 2–0 Empyrean

Predicted: 2–1 Big Fella, Actual: 2–0 Big Fella

Predicted: 2–1 Sauce, Actual: 2–0 RuneWhore

I really don’t want to ask…

Predicted: 2–1 SSD, Actual: 2–0 SSD

Predicted: 2–1 Dark, Actual: 2–0 Dark

Predicted: 2–0 Moca, Actual: 2–1 Moca

Predicted: 2–1 Atrie, Actual: 2–1 Atrie

Predicted: 2–1 Leoj, Actual: 2–1 Leoj

Success Rate: 8/16, a perfect .500! I’m better than a weather forecaster.


Both of these teams have showed great strength within their divisions despite being seeded so low. The battle of Low Seed Giants will commence this week, and I see Near taking it. Terfellion vs !ccam will be hyyyyype! Good luck boys!

Expect SSBlue to come out this series.

Skater_x7 2–0 Blackout

With some bias being that skater is my mini captain and he’s also PST-SUN, I’m going with the winner of last season’s RD2L. I’ve flexed on him in predictions and lost, so I owe him at least this. Not only that, but I do think that Skater is the superior drafter coming into this series. Drafting lanes and being able to counterpick/play around the team’s style is very important, and I think that going into this series, skater will have the advantage, and pull through.

He will be crowned one way or another.

Ultragunner 2–0 BraeBrae

Ultra’s instinct (ba dumm tss) is to win mid lane for the team. Having BraeBrae not do so well in the laning phase is going to hurt team BB a lot imo and I think Ultra and co. are gonna roll them.

How can you beat this man?

David 2–1 Guardian

This will be an EXTREMELY great match. Powerhouses of their respective divisions, these teams will clash in a most EPIC BATTLE EVER SEEN BEFORE. But I think Shaggy’s gonna pop off again against Suezo. Good luck gents.

Empyrean 1–2 Big Fella

Now I’m not just not predicting myself to lose because I’m predicting, but I think we definitely pose a pretty good threat in this series. We’ve figured out what our problems were, and our synergy has never been better. Expect us to be at our peak this series. P.S. Empyrean is the worst person to schedule with I swear to God. One moment he’s good for Sunday, then he’s not, then he’s good, then he’s got NADCL. Yikers amigo.

Stand proud. Never back down.

RuneWhore 0–2 SSD

I really think SSD’s team is a contestant for Grand Finals. The Love Doctor himself will help carry his team along with Cuzi. RuneWhore may have beaten Sauce last week, but I think the show’s up for the CryptoBois. Change my mind.

Bien Joué SSD, Bien Joué.

Dark 1–2 MOCA

This will be the battle that starts with mid lane. Depending on who gets their heroes, how the lane ends up mid, will set the pace for the whole game. Hobo’s strength in winning the side lane will be tested by Poonani and Alcatraz. This will for sure be a great series, but I’m gonna say Moca’s team is going to take it. Glory be to PST.

DBZ fans wya? Because they’re not me huehuehue

Atrie 2–1 Leoj

I think in the long run Leoj will give the soggy bois a run for their money, but as described earlier, I think Atrie’s team is going to take this one. Don’t count PST-SUN out though, good luck gents.

Ah, yes. The Beautiful Masterpiece that is wet bread.

Good luck in your matches this week, welcome to the interdivisional playoffs. Expect memes to come out next week.


Braedyn and SSD — The pioneers of non PST-SUN that actually want Big Fella content pog

Ultragunner — Cool guy in general. Have you seen his hair?

SatanDota — Being a caster for BTS is some cool stuff. Viva w33haa!

Empyrean — For being able to tilt me out of game because of your scheduling



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